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Rama and Achilles Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


the TASK was to research and read the story of rama and ACHILLES ad finally wrote a summarized same about the story . the sample gives a brief description of the relationship between rama and achilles .

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Rama and Achilles
The story of Rama is about a young man who was chased away together with his brother Lakshman to live in the forest by their step mother who wanted his son to be the king. He was married to a breathtaking princess called Sita. There was also Ravana who was a demon that was feared very much and was believed to have ten heads. Ravana heard of Sita’s beauty and decided to kidnap her. He kidnapped her and Rama was worried and started searching for her. It took a long time until he decided to go to monkey king who later found out that Ravana kidnaped Sita. Rama prepared a battled and they fought for ten days (Sharma, 89). It looked like Ravana was going to win, but Rama was given a bow, and an arrow by the gods which he shot and killed Ravana with this made Rama a hero and was made the queen of Ayodhya.
The story of Achilles is about a great warrior who was well known in Myrmidons. When Achilles was born, he was deeped into the river to make him immortal. Due to this, Achilles grew to be a warrior who won many battles for the Myrmidons (Chodorow, 265). He was feared, and he killed the Trojan prince, Trojan, during the Great War. He was later killed by Hector's little brother Paris at the end of the battle, but the people of Myrmidon had won the battle. He was a hero in his nation because he chose to go to war despite being warned by his mother that going to war would make him a hero but he would die in the same war.
The similarity between the two stories is that both Rama and Achilles were identified as great warriors. They are warriors who fought for their countries and led them to victory. Rama was a warrior who was known for killing Ravana a demon that was feared and in the process became the hero of his nation and was crowned the king of his nation. Achilles was known for hi fearless character in battle and ...
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