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Discuss What That Makes Christianity Both Unique And Interesting (Essay Sample)


Discuss What That Makes Christianity Both Unique And Interesting

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What is Interesting in Christianity?
Christianity is not only a unique religion but also an interesting belief in that its subscribers view it as the only way that leads to truth. The norms of this religion are different from those other movements such as the Islam, Buddhism, and Mormonism. In particular, Christianity emphasizes on God reaching down to man rather men using their own efforts to reach and hold onto their Creator. Additionally, the religion is founded on having a relationship with God as compared to other religions that have a system of rules emphasizing what to do and what not to do as a measure to appease a supernatural being. Christianity also considers the Bible to be the only source of truth and is also based on the story of resurrection. Accordingly, the essay explores in details these beliefs as the outstanding facts that make Christianity both unique and interesting.
Unlike Christianity, other systems of belief hold onto a set of works, which include those things that should or should not be done in order to be sufficiently good to satisfy God and gain his favor. However, Christianity is founded on the principles adopted from the Bible, which indicate that a person cannot be sufficiently good to stand in the presence of a God who is holy and perfect ("What Makes Christianity Unique?"). The Law of Moses was assigned to human beings as a proof that no one could be perfect enough to uphold it. Thus, it is considered as a guideline to lead Christians to Jesus Christ since there would not be any justification attained through accomplishing the law. Christ, in Matthew 22:37, would bring out the impossibility further by reiterating the commandment of loving God with everything that one has, which was impossible for mortal man to achieve. As an alternative, God gave out Christ who was able to obey the law in a perfect way ("What Makes Christianity Unique?"). Therefore, Christians believe in justification by having faith in Jesus who obeyed the law on their behalf and was made righteous, imputing holiness on everyone who believes in his accomplished work.
With regards to Christianity being a relationship, Christians believe that Christianity is designed and maintained by God and that it is not a mere religious system with undefined basis. Thus, they believe that human beings were created by God in order to have a unique relationship with their Maker but sin alienates them from God. According to Christianity teachings, Jesus came to the earth and was fully God, while at the same time, fully man. Furthermore, his death on the cross was meant to restore the broken relationship that was a consequence of sin ("What Makes Christianity Unique?"). Following his death, Christ was buried and was later resurrected, ascended into heaven and currently sits at the right hand of God the Father interceding for all Christians. Christianity also considers all people who believe as the body of Christ, with Jesus being its head, after purchasing them by his own blood. Such assertions are only found within the Christian religion which makes it outstanding as compared to other systems of belief.
Another interesting factor about Christianity is on its foundation of information. The religion considers the Bible to be the only source of its beliefs and practices and further claims that it is divinely inspired by God himself, inerrant, reliable and that it is sufficient and essential for Christian living. Other systems of belief have a given source of information but none claims such material to be divinely inspired by God in its writing ("What Makes Christianity Unique?"). Additionally, Christians believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that every teaching drawn from it is the final authority governing faith and all standards of Christianity. Moreover, with other religions having similar concepts as Christianity such as prophecy, none have been proven as completely truthful as those recorded in the Bible. For instance, the prophecies recorded in the fifty-third chapter of the book of Isaiah the prophet about the coming of the Messiah, his death, and resurrection, were fulfilled in the New Testament with the birth of Christ who was the Savior.
The resurrection of Christ is another interesting yet unique aspect of Christianity that makes it distinct from the other religions. Christians consider the resurrection very important in that its elimination from their faith nullifies the essence of the religion. The resurrection of Christ is perceived to be the ultimate event that transformed the lifestyle of his disciples in that following his death they escaped ("What Makes Christianity Unique?"). Nevertheless, his resurrection was proof to them that all he had uttered and accomplished was because he was God in human nature. History lacks records showing a typical religious leader who was murdered and buried under heavy gua...
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