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First Exam on Introduction to Christian Theology (Essay Sample)


Follow the instruction and Pick 4 of the following questions on the paper and write one page for each question and provide in-text citation with author and page number from one of the 2 books:
Introduction to Christian Theology (Hanson,Bradly author)
Reconstructing Christian Theology(Chopp, Rebecca and Mark).
Please write the point of view from Muslim perspective and I need good paper because it is Mid-Term Exam paper and I don't​ have any access​ to those books.Thank you

First Exam
Question 1
Christian value the environment and they aim at protecting it. From the beginning in the Bible, God gave the man the mandate to protect and rule the rest of the world including animals and trees. Hence, the importance of the environment to Christians originate from the creation stories. From a study conducted by Hope and Jones, the Christians believe that in Genesis 2, they were given the privilege to take care of the environment due to their understanding of nature (52). Besides, God used nature to communicate to the people in the bible. For instance, He used the mountain when discussing how the Israelites would obey his commandments by asking them to meet at Mt Sinai. Christians take care of the environments as they believe that God uses it to communicate to his people.
Additionally, Christians protect the environment as they believe that God dwells in such places. They are required to imitate God since they were created in his image. From Genesis, God created and protected the environment as well as giving human beings the power to exploit and seek food from it is. Therefore, the Christians try to imitate God's work when preserving the environment for the future generations. However, according to Chopp and Taylor, most Christian dominated countries such as the USA are facing an environmental crisis which may not be the Christians fault, but it is their role to protect it (102). God requires the Christians to lead other people in the right way. Hence they should be in the forefront in protecting the ecology.
Protecting the environment from modern pollution requires the efforts of Christians based on their strong faith. For instance, Hope and Jones 48, expresses how The Anglican Church is pro-environment as it follows the marks of mission that involve protecting the ecology (49). The belief in this church originates from the Genesis teachings of how Christians should protect and ensure procreation in the earth.
Question 3
Violence in the modern world comes in different ways. For example, terrorism, persecution based on race, environmental catastrophe, and civil wars are common in the world. Racism based violence is the most prevalent, and the Christian perspective is based on creation stories where each and every person irrespective of color was created in the image of God. Further, Christians believe that it is wrong to judge a person based on the unchangeable features.
Racism originated from the old days of slavery. Black people were viewed as less humans, and they were sold from the African countries to the western to work as slaves. Most Christian dominated areas were reluctant in having the blacks work in their farms as slaves since they viewed it as inhuman (Guess 664). Christian’s such as Martin Luther King led movements that liberated and gave the minority an opportunity to be free.
The blacks, up to date, face discrimination in terms of the attitude of whites which can be referred as prejudice. Liberation theology affirms that human beings are equal before God as he is an all-loving God (Chopp and Taylor 178). Further, since childhood, Christian children are taught to sing about the love of Jesus to children regardless of their color. Another aspect common in the Christian faith against racism is the belief that Jesus died for the sins of all people despite the color differences. In Christian churches, people are expected to love and forgive each other and to avoid judging a person based on races.
Question 5
Postmodernism is the current period of time when defining the reality is hard. The two types of postmodernism are skeptical and affirmatives. Skeptical postmodernism is an extreme view of inexistence of reality in terms of time and theory. It considers time as oppressive to the world as it controls people. This perspective explains that theories do not give accurate information and they are not a reality as they aim at excluding the rivals (Nath 26). Affirmative postmodernism is where people reject the theories but do not abolish them. This approach supports peace and the environment.
The Christian perspective regarding these theories is that they are wrong. As the postmodernists do not believe in truth, Christians believe that the truth will always set someone free. Besides, postmodernism does not discourage same-sex association such as gays and lesbians, hence Christian view this approach as a negative perspective. According to the Bible, it is against God's law to engage in same-sex relationships. Further, postmodernism does not accept the creation stories which are the basis of Christianity. Therefore it raises the alarm to the Christians as they aim at winning more souls to Christ.
The two aspects of postmodernism mean rejection of the word of God by the modern society. The Christians do not accept them as part of teaching since they believe in truth and time. They preach that with time Jesus will come for his faithful ones. Thus, it is important to accept that time is moving first and serve rightly. Moreover, the affirmative approach of postmodernism does not seem strict as the skeptical (Nath 26). It accepts the environment and peace which are crucial to Christians.
Question 8
Christian believe that God is the creator of the universe and all the content. They also believe that they were mandated the duty to protect nature (Hope and Jones 52). From the first book in the Bible, God created the world in six days and made the seventh day sacred. In this view, Christian believe that God ordained the seventh day as a day to rest. They try to convince other people who do not believe in this theory of creation. The Christians have made the seventh day of every week a d...
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