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Theology Assignment: The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism (Essay Sample)


The task was about The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism. The sample has given an IN DEPTH analysis of the rise of islamic fundamentalism.

George Wagaka
May 29, 2017
The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism.
Islam is one of the five major religions of the world: Christianity, Hindu, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. Religion is the deep belief in a supernatural power or being. Human beings believe that their environment and entire lives are controlled by power(s) which are beyond their control. In any religion, we have both conservatives and moderates, who ascribe to particular teaching(s) or decrees as enshrined in their “Holy Books.” Moderates are not strict in the observance of the statutes in their Holy Books. They can modify their beliefs as per the prevailing circumstances, unlike the conservatives.
Some Islamic states have adopted either the strict Islamic laws into their constitutions while others have codified the moderate form of the law (David 32). The Sharia law has very strict penalties for offenders: dismembering of limbs, stoning to death and hanging. Some Sharia laws have been criticized as being inhumane while others have lauded them as a panacea to deter against immorality.
Bruce observed that fundamentalism or extremism is the conservative form of an ideology perpetuated by a given religion(s) and adhered to strictly by its followers. Therefore, all religions have their fanatics or conservatives (57). The religion that forms part of our thesis is Islam. For the past five decades, Islamic extremism has been on an upward trajectory, due to a myriad of factors. They are, and not limited to, strict observance of the Islamic scriptures, anti- Islamic sentiments in the western countries, the status of the Palestinian state, and scramble for oil in Islamic states.
Strict Observance of the Islamic Scriptures
Muslims believe and ascribes to the tenets, writings, and values of the Holy Quran. Quran is the Holy book for Moslems, written by Prophet Mohamed. It requires its adherents to live holy, exemplary, undefiled, and morally upright lives which please both God and man (David 68). Islamic and Arab states have ratified either the mild or strict forms of the Sharia laws into their statute books.
Radical Muslim clerics, teachers, and preachers teach or advocates for the strict form of the Islamic law (Bruce 39). These teachings have radicalized some adherents leading to the rising cases of religious intolerance and extremism.
A Muslim cleric, Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi national, was the mastermind of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East and the West. He formed a global terror organization, Al Qaeda, which has wrecked untold havoc globally. Al-Shabaab in Somalia, and Boko Haram in Nigeria; all in Africa, are affiliate members of that group. These terror organizations have military wings which perpetuate these heinous activities around the world (Lionel 46).
Anti-Islamic sentiments in the Western World.
Strict observance of the Sharia law, incessant terror attacks targeting western countries and their interests globally, death and injuries occasioned by terror attacks, and destruction of vital installations by these terror groups have galvanized citizens’ rage and fury against Islamic extremists (Bruce 8).
They have developed negative attitudes, perceptions, and sentiments against the Muslim world. As a result, the resolve of these extremists has reached the crescendo.
The Status of the Palestinian State.
Palestinian state existed before the birth of Israel. The United Nations Organization carved out and created Israel from within the Palestinian territory. Within a few years after being established, Israel expanded its territory deep inside Palestine. This led to great resentment within the Arab and Muslim world. Jerusalem, the conte...
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