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Institutional Affliction Holy Experiment Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


What did William Penn mean by the term “Holy Experiment” and in what ways is it similar to and different from the First Amendment? Using examples from religion in the greater Philadelphia area in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, argue for or against the notion that these are the cornerstones of religious diversity in America. Your essay should draw upon at least three authors we have read thus far and from the class lectures, films, and discussions.

                  Holy Experiment Name   Institutional Affliction
  Holy Experiment The term “Holy Experiment” was a term that was brought into action by one William Penn, a Quaker. The term was meant for the ideal government he established in 1681 for Pennsylvania when he was awarded the charter of colonies by Charles II. The “experiment” was his attempt together with other Quakers to establish themselves with their community which resulted in the modern day Pennsylvania. When it started, the Holy Experiment did not permit Jews, non-Christians, and atheists to vote, and did not include a military in their community; which is opposed to the 1st amendment that included all that. However, there was a similarity in that in both religion was not opposed by any of the members, and when the governor of New York tried to object the Quaker faith, 31 non-Quakers protested against him. Penn together with his followers believed that every individual had to look up to God in one way or another. Moreover, he believed that religious tolerance would be a stronger foundation of wealthier societies and governments. In his kingdom, the law was maintained by religious tolerance. In contrary with other colonies, Penn did not establish an official church in his territory. Instead, he invited religious groups who were suff...
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