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Prove How Terrorism Is Somehow Related To Religion (Essay Sample)


this article tries to prove how terrorism is somehow related to religion


Terrorism and Religion
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Terrorism is the use of excessive and merciless force against a civilian population that is always helpless to defend themselves against the act. Terrorism can also target a building or a facility set up to benefit the public. Terrorism is always aimed at proving a point or forcing the hand of a people or a government to submit to the terrorist demands. Terrorist attacks may occur at any place and any time and can come in many forms such as mass shootings, suicide bombings, chemical bombings, nuclear bombings, atomic bombings and many others and according to Netanyahu, “terrorists continue to improve their tactics to counter defense mechanisms of the targets”(1981). Religion, on the other hand, is the belief of the existence of a supreme being whom all human beings are bound to worship for a better life now and after death. For many years terrorism has been associated with religion and this article will try to prove the case in the best way possible.
Most terrorist attacks are always followed by a message from the perpetrators of the act who is trying to take responsibility for the act. For example, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the bombing of Paris in the year 2015. They said their reasons for the attack was to put pressure on the French government to withdraw French troops in their areas of interest that were interfering with their process of establishing an Islamic State in the Middle East. With such things happening, it will be difficult to separate religion from terrorism (Juergensmeyer 2017). Juergensmeyer argues that even if there might be another side of the story, it might be difficult not to mention terrorism and religion in the same sentence.
While talking about religion and terrorism, we cannot ignore another case that involves Buddist monks currently going on in Myanmar. This clearly shows that the monks are performing the heinous acts against their Muslim brothers in order to drive them out of the country just because of their religion. Terrorist attacks can be performed either against moderate members of a particular religion or members of another religion, either way, it leaves behind devastating effects (Lewis 2017).
One cannot talk about religion and fail to mention Christianity, one of the largest monotheistic religions in the world. It was found that the major cause of frequent terrorist attacks in the Central African Republic is religion (Berhran & David 2017). Jews have also had a share of atrocities that they are blamed for in the Middle East. They go on to say that while there are many other factors that cause terrorism, religion will still remain one of the most driving factors of terrorism.
Religion is meant to improve the human being spiritually but there are some rogue teachers of religion that twist the words of the p...
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