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A critical reflection of the aspects of the American Culture Essay (Essay Sample)


Critically think of 4 different aspects of our culture that you have explored (1/2 a page per idea). For example, if you go bowling you must critically think the role of bowling in contemporary American culture. Think about why we put on used shoes to throw a heavy ball at some pins. Must be evidence of critical thinking in each idea.


A Critical Reflection of the Aspects of the American Culture
Speaking up
Most Americans have a habit of going after what they want and are known for speaking up in socio-political contexts and in their places of work. While supervisors are superior, American employees are not afraid to hold back and ask some questions if they see the need to (Mink 112). I have experienced this in real life at the various places that I have worked, where employees, even the shop floor operatives, question the managers, especially where they see injustices such as racial discrimination. The culture of always being ready to speak up and defend one's interests and rights is a result of a broad range of factors. For instance, the quest for civil rights and social justice has been at the core of the country's history. Over the generations, American people have learned the importance of equity, equality, and justice, which the founding fathers highly prioritized. Therefore, because America is a democratic and multicultural society built on the rule of law, Americans are not afraid to speak up.

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