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Democratic Socialism in the Andean Region Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


discuss how democratic socialism destroying or saving the Andean region.
The paper must be 4-6 pages, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font. You must use credible sources with page numbers. I have most of them listed in my original paper so you can use them also or as a reference to what I can use. All the references I used are on the last page.
Comments from Customer
The paper is supposed to compare Venezuela to Brazil. I forgot to mention that in the description info.


How Democratic Socialism Destroying The Andean Region.
Democratic socialism is a political idea that supports the practice of political democracy within a publicly owned economy. Its primary attribute is its stress on workplace democracy, economic democracy, the self-management of workers inside a decentralized socialist economy or a socialist market economy. Democratic socialists argue that, unlike capitalism, the values of socialism are highly compatible with the principles of solidarity, freedom, and equality (Hopkins 2). Many countries in South America, including Brazil and Venezuela, apply the democratic socialist philosophy in managing their economies. However, recent trends suggest that Brazil has started to embrace neoliberalism, a contemporary philosophy based on market-oriented reforms, including capital market deregulation, price control abolition, and trade barrier minimization (Saad-Filho 1). The present conditions of Brazil's and Venezuela's economies and democratic systems are sharply different, with the former's showing progress and the latter entirely collapsing. Democratic socialism is destroying, rather than saving the Andean Region as seen in Venezuela, where the philosophy took root in the 1990s.

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