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Argumentative essay Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


argumentative essay on the best president of the u.s.


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For the past two decades, school shootings have dramatically altered America 's history. More than 40 school shootings have taken place since 1997 and 2007, causing more than 70 fatalities and more injuries. Over the last 20 years, the amount of school shoot-outs has risen dramatically. With the rising number of shootings on colleges, the question is if college students, professors, and other college employees can bring concealed weapons to college or not.
Allowing concealed weapons on campus contributes to attackers to think twice about the firing, thus reducing the possibility of a violent attack. If the attackers are planning to make any attack, they will be afraid since they know for sure that the college is weaponized. Hence deaths will be controlled since the shooters even if they attack, and they may not go through. So, the attack will mostly be unsuccessful. It is essential to create a healthier environment where the staff and students are protected on campus in addition to other violent crimes including rape and aggravated assault on the campus community, the carrying of concealed arms could deter these instances of the mass shooting. Earlier incidents of shooting suggest that active shooters prefer to target weapons-free areas where civilians are very exposed (Cunningham 19). At almost the same time, most dangerous criminals have guns at all times. Students and staff alike have the right to arms and to protect themselves from offenders who use weapons.

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