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Boundaries Social Sciences Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Does this violate professional boundaries?
What type of relationship/boundary crossing was happening?
What would you tell your colleague in this situation?
Please make sure you answer these questions fully, showing me the quality of thought put into your answers. No word count/page count with this assignment.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
In the second scenario, Benton creates a strong relationship with one of his clients, Jerome. Jerome, who is on parole, is so grateful for Benton’s acceptance and assistance of him that he offers him $20 as a token of appreciation towards the end of the program. Although it is a well-intended gesture, Jerome’s offer to Benton is a violation of professional boundaries. The case clearly indicates that the agency has a policy against their workers accepting gifts from clients. Thus, although Jerome might take offence, Benton has a professional and moral obligation to turn down the $20 gift and explain to Jerome the reason and circumstances behind his decision to reject it (Day-Calder 37).
In the case, Jerome was crossing the boundary of unintentional relationships. Although Jerome and Benton had grown quite close through the program, Jerome forgot that their relationship was purely professional. He mistook their closeness for friendship and Benton’s performance of his duties for personal care and concern for him (Day-Calder 38).

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