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Contribution of Music to the Economy of the United States Social Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was about economic impacts of music to the us economy. this sample provides the detailed economic roles of music to the economy of the united states.


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Music's Contribution to the United States Economy
American music epitomizes the country's ethnic diversity through a varied array of styles. It draws inspiration and influence from West African, Irish, Scottish, and mainland European culture, among others. America is renowned for music genres such as jazz, blues, rock, Americana, pop, techno, and folk, to mention but a few (Holt 23). Notably, American music is arguably the world's anthem, given its intense penetration across the nations of the world. Indeed, the 20th century saw American popular music attain an almost global audience. The earliest forms of American music can be attributed to the Native Americans who were the earliest inhabitants of the American land.On the other hand, vast of the modern-day American music is anchored on the emergence of African American blues and the rise of gospel music in the 1920s. Notably, a vibrant music industry drives economic value for the country in amazing ways. It leads to job creation, tourism development, and growth in the business sector. It also contributes to non-economic aspects such as culture and democracy. Despite the recent hit that the industry experienced concerning downloading and online live streaming, the industry continues to make gains. This essay paper endeavors to provide concrete evidence on the contributions of American music to its economy.

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