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How COVID19 would affect us. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The sample is about how Covid affects us today


How COVID19 would affect us
One of the most challenging global crisis that all countries is facing recently is the fight against the coronavirus – the COVID19. Around the world, both developed and developing countries are greatly affected by this pandemic. Each country's government has implemented their own policies and strategies in combating this disease to control its widespread among their countries. One of the major countries that are greatly burdened by this virus is the US, which is currently considered as the global hotspot for the COVID19. The US government has been heavily criticized due to lack of preparation in handling this pandemic that resulted to a considerable number of deaths in the country. With the cases still continuing to increase, to what extend would this virus change the way people live in this world?
Fighting something that cannot be seen is a hard task for a government to handle, especially with this new kind of virus spreading all over the country. Both the government and the healthcare system are put to the test in this struggling period. With the increasing positive cases of COVID-19, no one can predict what the future may hold for us. 

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