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Emotional Correctness: Building Supportive Climates (Essay Sample)


Building supportive climates with people you agree with can be relatively easy. Building a supportive climate, however, with people whom you disagree with may be more problematic.
Watch the following video clip and listen carefully to how Sally Kohn defines herself, and then discusses how she encourages supportive climates with people who disagree with many of her opinions and ideas: Let's Try Emotional Correctness [5:59]
How does Sally Kohn use invitational communication to encourage emotionally correct communication with individuals who disagree with her? Do you think her ideas about how to build a supportive climate are valid? Why or why not?
Post your ideas in a new thread in the Discussion before you attend class. In class, you will complete the activity by sharing with your breakout group during class.


Emotional correctness.
Emotional correctness, as mentioned by Kohn in the clip, may be understood as tone, sentiment, how someone expresses what he or she says, and the respect and compassion shown to one another.
Kohn defines herself as a progressive, lesbian talking head on FOX news rather than a meter maid or an undertaker. This means that Kohn has been able to bring a feeling of compassion to work by seeking to understand each other's points of view, which has aided in the development of a supportive environment among her coworkers.
According to Sally Kohn,

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