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Ethical Aspect of Cloning. Social Sciences Assignment (Essay Sample)


The task is an academic essay and the sample was about ethical aspects of cloning


Bio 101
12 February 2017
Ethical Aspects of Cloning
Without a doubt, for several years, this has been a hugely divisive and a controversial moot topic among the pundits in the various sectors of the society. Religious, philosophical and scientific experts have been fervently airing their views with the key aim of convincing the society to embrace their school of thoughts. The ethics of cloning in bioethics denotes multiplicity of ethical situations pertaining to the possibilities and practice of cloning, specifically human cloning. A major dissimilarity that emanates from reading ethical avowals in regard to human cloning is the variance between therapeutic and reproductive cloning. The former, alias somatic cell nuclear transfer is the creation of embryo for healing or research purposes while the latter designates producing a new human being or animal.
Albeit most of the views are from religious perspectives, certain queries that emerge from cloning are critiqued by secular viewpoints with the similar magnitude. Standpoints on human cloning are rather theoretical than factual, as human cloning both reproductive and therapeutic have not been commercially adopted; animal cloning is being currently effected in livestock production and laboratories.
As discordant as the topic might seem to be, with religious leaders presenting imperative sentiments that negate the very belief that creation must be performed by only God, we cannot flout the significant points by the advocates of cloning. The proponents assert that therapeutic cloning should be supported so that to generate whole organs and tissues to treat patients who otherwise are not eligible to transplants. It would wade off the need to use immunosuppressive drugs and in some cases purge the effects of aging. With the same breathe, the apologists of reproductive cloning highlight that couples who cannot procreate naturally should be allowed to use the technology.

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