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.Racial Discrimination Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


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Racial discrimination
In the past few weeks, racial discrimination has been alarming in the United States and abroad. That signifies an underlying problem that is yet to be solved in society. Moreover, significant steps have been taken by the members of the public to protest against social injustice; and therefore, racial discrimination is indeed a present problem. Using the present and trending issue in society as an example, police brutality is pointed out as the main cultivating discrimination. More so, the society is divided with a demarcation line of the skin color. Therefore, a certain group feels marginalized hence poverty ruins life simply because they are denied an opportunity because of the skin of the color. It is vital to note that that racial discrimination may happen to any individual of any color because of the prejudice (Lauren & Gordon, n.p) In the following paragraph, it depicts the problem in sociology perspective to give a profound understanding. 

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