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A Discussion on Whether Concealed Weapons Should be Allowed in Campus (Essay Sample)


The assignment required students to discuss whether concealed weapons should be allowed in CAMPUS.


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A Discussion on Allowing Concealed Weapons in Campus
There has been debate on whether weapons should be allowed on campus. Some states have already granted gun holders the right to carry concealed weapons in university, while others are quite skeptical about it. Similarly,  different studies have emerged with varied findings and arguments regarding the matter. However,  permitting guns in college will be quite disastrous than banning them. 
Firstly, everyone is entitled to the right to self-defense. By banning handguns from schools, colleges will be undermining the constitutional rights of the learners and workers. These institutions are not entirely safe. With 2016 registering 28,400 criminal activities from colleges in the United States alone,  it only takes a wise person to equip himself for safety (Musu et al. vii). If the students are armed, criminals will spend a considerable amount of time and effort before they launch an attack within the premises. The setting may be a harboring place for thugs. Since most of the colleges have not incorporated enough measures to address the insecurity in the area, it is up to the students and employees to defend themselves in case of an assault.
Moreover, it will result in more violence on campus. Debates and intellectual discussions form a significant part of a typical classroom setting. Although the arguments are often constructional, a learner may, in the process, get provoked and strikes.  Even without any form of attack, others will feel threatened.  In a study conducted on campuses in Kansas, more than 40% of the participants affirmed that they would avoid engaging in any argument with a firearm holder (Reimal et al. 10). L

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