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Scientific Research Paper Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Topic Examples: Climate Change, Loss of Biodiversity, Pollution, Water Scarcity, Human Population, and Energy.
The following must be covered in the paper:
Give a complete explanation of why your topic is a human ecology issue and assess different points of view, assumptions, and/or arguments regarding your topic.
Describe the issue in terms of its effect on the interrelationship of the physical, biological, and ecological systems.
Describe the impacts on the environment resulting from human decisions related to this issue.
Use appropriate sources no specific sources given
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Scientific Research Paper: Climate Change as a Human Ecology Issue
Human beings interact with the diversity around them through ecological relations; ecology is the science of connectivity (Karim-Aly, S et al.). Active engagement in one's ecology leads to the formation of human ecological relations. The relations may involve pastoralism, hunting and gathering, farming, and forestry, among others (Karim-Aly, S et al.). While establishing the relationship with the ecosystem, issues arise that affect the diversity humans enjoy. Such issues may include pollution, water scarcity, and climate change, to mention but a few. Climate change is one of the most significant human ecological issues in the 21st century because the climate impacts and associated adaptation responses alter the complex interrelationships between human beings and the environment.
According to the Committee On Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (EICC), the ecological process connects climate change to a series of physical processes (EICC 02). Evidence shows that global and regional warming are consequences of human activities and variability (Karim-Aly, S et al.). Based on information from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, most observed global warming instances in the last five decades are because of increased greenhouse emissions (EICC 05). The assumption is that these greenhouse emissions arise from human activities; the National Research Council has supported this premise.
Experts argue that climate change as human-ecological issues relates to speed and change as well (Malhi et al.). Concisely, climate change in the current error has become exceedingly rapid; experts say it has become ten times faster than global warming compared to the ice age (EICC 06). Large and rapid changes in climate change place significant stress on the ecosystems, including that of humans.

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