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Discussion about Gender Identity and LGBTQ+ artists Social Essay (Essay Sample)


The first part of this week's discussion will be on the film, Paris is Burning (1990). Part 2 will focus on the other artists discussed this week
PART 1: For your discussion please examine at least 2 issues that Paris is Burning addresses that connects to what we've discussed in class this week. You should provide at least 1 specific example from the film and directly reference/quote from the film so that I know that you watched and understood the film.
PART 2: Choose one of the artists that I've included this week either under the new versions of fairy tales or under LGBTQ+ artists, and choose one of their pieces to analyze about how they show themes of LGBTQ+ or how they bend the binary concepts of gender in their work. Try to focus on the art they've produced and not on their personal lives.
Your total discussion post that includes both parts should be at least 250 words and make sure you are using specific details from the film, and specific concepts we've discussed in class for both parts.


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Discussion about Gender Identity and LGBTQ+ artists
'Paris is Burning'
The film 'Paris is Burning' addresses the issue of race and sexuality. From the commentary of a father to a son in the first scene of the film. He recalls that his father told him he already had two strikes. He is male and black; being gay would mean he starts with three strikes. The father goes ahead to tell him, "You are going to have to be stronger than you ever imagined" ("Paris Is Burning"). The film was set in the late 80s; it showcases the lives of gay African American and Hispanic people in New York in 1986. The film shows the challenges these men faced to leave their lives while identifying as gay, together with the fact they belong to the minority race. It highlights the challenges faced in terms of race, gender, and sexuality during this period while also showing how free such individuals could be in balls and express themselves as drag queens (male who dress up as women for entertainment)

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