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The Concepts of Aristotle and Epicurus on Happiness Social Essay (Essay Sample)


Discuss The Concepts of Aristotle and Epicurus on Happiness, and the Ideas of Aristotle, Kant, and Hobbes on Friendship


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The Concepts of Aristotle and Epicurus on Happiness, and the Ideas of Aristotle, Kant, and Hobbes on Friendship
Happiness is not the same concept to everyone, and Epicurus and Aristotle are no exceptions. Epicurus believed that everyone is responsible for their pleasure. He considered self-satisfaction as an essential thing in life and advised people to concentrate on things that make them happy. For one to achieve happiness, Epicurus stated that one should not fear death, and take care of themselves. He considered death as nothing to human beings since so long as one is alive, they are not affected by it, and when they die, they become oblivious of it. By not fearing death, people can live a fruitful and happy life. Most of Epicurus' beliefs revolved around pleasure and happiness and how the latter could be created as part of daily life.

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