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Classical Liberalism Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Two sources from the wall street journal that speak of classical liberalism in America


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Classical Liberalism
Philosophically classical liberalism emerged due to the complaints and hard conditions workers were subjected in during Industrial Revolution urbanization in Europe and United States. 19th century towards 20th and early 21st century are filled with liberal actions which originated from classical liberalism, such as social liberalism and modern American conservatives. Thus classical liberalism is an ideology belonging to liberalism, whose main aim is to secure the citizens freedom by getting involved in government operations in order to limit their power? The debate within the U.S government on the size and role of the government still continues even today. Therefore looking into some of latest debate published by the Wall Street Journal, this paper will provide a brief description of the article and how it show cases classical liberalism.
Josh Zumbrun article on “U.S.-China Trade War gets Wrapped up in Twist-Ties,” mentions about the trade war that has been undergoing between U.S and China which has affected the steel, electronics and agriculture industries. Because classical liberalism advocates for civil liberties, that puts the government under limited rule of law, and private property, then it is okay to have a debate concerning trade policies and laws. (Zumburn) The article talks about the imposed duties on twist-ties which has seen yuan selling very low cost ties to the American market and thus leveling the competition with Bedford Industries Inc. The company claims it is the brains behind the ties and would like the government to get involved and impose duties on China ties, which are cheap and cost the same price as their raw materials.

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