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Serial Killers in American Society (Essay Sample)


The essay talks about the origin of serial killers, who they are, and what they do. It further categorizes serial killers into groups of four: organized or disorganized, depending on their committed offence; mission-driven serial killers and Serial killers with a vision who occasionally experience psychotic breakdowns.


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Serial Killers in American Society
Since the early 1660s, our culture has regarded murder as a crime. Evidence of murder occurring in Ancient Rome and throughout history has been found by historians who have done extensive research on the subject. One of the earliest known serial killer cases in recent history was that of Jack the Ripper, who in 1888 killed, injured, and disfigured five prostitutes in London's East End. One of the earliest known instances of a serial killer in modern times was Jack the Ripper, who, in 1888, killed and disfigured five prostitutes in London's East End (Elliott). The term "serial murderer" gained popularity in American culture in the 1980s when law enforcement officials started classifying various homicides.
A serial killer seems to be something we only learn about or see in movies or actual crime books. Serial killing is a thing of the past, having occurred in far-off places like London, England, during the time of Jack the Ripper. We have deceived ourselves into believing that serial killing is a sporadic crime easily identified by law enforcement as a society (Elliott). The FBI asserts that, although psychological fulfilment is the most frequent motive for serial killing and most serial killings involve sexual contact with the victim, other possible explanations for serial killers include rage, thrill-seeking, attention-seeking, and monetary gain. The victims may share characteristics like a demographic profile, gender, appearance, or ethnicity.
Fantasy serial killer
Once a serial killer kills their

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