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The Admirable Features of Traditional Societies Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The Task was to discusses some of the admirable features that traditional societies had. Therefore, this sample discusses some of the admirable features of traditional societies.


The Admirable Features of Traditional Societies
From the reading of Jared Diamond's, The World Until Yesterday, especially the chapter titled Epilogue: At Another Airport, there are several features of traditional societies that are important not only for the modern world but especially for an individual's life interests and development. Although the New Guineans lead a traditional way of life, the same things seem to frighten us all. However, there are various aspects of their traditional culture that make it fascinating (Diamond 68). For instance, attitude towards danger, friendship, treatment of parents and children, the selection of spouses, and their general interactions are interesting and significant.
As a bright place, Guinea has an outstanding beauty due to the great variety of its jungles and birds as well as the great variety of its people. People have interesting lifestyles and languages. The immediacy of their interpersonal relations is fascinating. The people relate face-to-face. Therefore, they can achieve full attention as there are no unnecessary distractions from cell phones and texting, which are rampant aspects of modern societies (Winterhalder 28). People spend time together constantly talking, especially during the hours of their waking. Their interpersonal relationships are much different from the intermittent personal contacts of the modernists, who often spend much of their time alone while silently at computers or taking readings (Diamond 19). Most of their talking is indirect through virtual platforms such as social media.

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