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Different Types of Hackers (Essay Sample)


The task was on the different types of hackers


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Types of Hackers
A hacker is any person who uses their computer hardware and software knowledge to break down and bypass the security measures of a network, device, or computer. Although hacking is illegal in principle, it is legal when a system owner knowingly and willingly grants access. Most government agencies and private entities regularly hire hackers to assist in the maintenance of their security systems. There are several types of hackers, but the major ones are grey, black, and white hats. The legality of action and motive determines the kind of hacker.
First, a black hat is mainly responsible for creating malware used in infiltrating computerized systems and networks (Wallace 16). A black hat is primarily motivated by financial or personal gain. However, sometimes, they participate in protests, espionage, or enjoy the thrill (Stewart and Kinsey 35). A black hat can be any individual from an amateur to a knowledgeable and highly experienced person intending to steal private data and spread malware. After bypassing a system's security, black hats can either destroy, manipulate or steal a system's data depending on their motive.
Second, a white hat is an ethical computer hacker. Governmental and private entities usually contract them to test systems' safety and identify vulnerabilities (Wallace 18). Although white hats use the same methods deployed by black hats, their actions are legal because they always have permission 

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