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Implementation of Technology in Business on the Example of Zara (Essay Sample)


write a one page essay on how businesses implement technology to benefit their businesses taking zara company as an example
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Implementation of Technology in Business on the Example of Zara
Zara is one of the most world recognizable brands due to the positive influence of information communication technologies, which promote their trademark and the customer relationship management systems.
Information communication is the first key to Zara's success as it strongly affects the development of its effective selling strategy. The "living fashion" plan implemented at Zara means that the company focuses on redesigning new output lines every two weeks (García-Álvarez 998). Such a strategy has been developed utilizing co-learning from the application of information and communication technologies. The received information contributes significantly to successful knowledge management operations (Malafe and Fahime 196). For example, knowledge management benefits the company by eliminating barriers in communication in gathering, storing, and exchanging information (Malafe and Fahime 198). The combination of wisely-used technologies helps Zara significantly increase its performance.
Using the customer relationship management systems as the second tool of applying modern technologies enables Zara to affect customer loyalty. Most clients worldwide prefer Zara to other brands because it offers unique fashionable clothes that meet their needs in terms of physical, climate, and cultural differences (Roll, Martin 2018). Zara's ability to provide unique fashions preferred by most customers has become possible due to profound research on the customers' values, preferences, and geographic peculiarities via "collaborative and analytical systems" (Khodakarami and Yolande 32). The application of data received from the customers helps the company move in the right direction. As a result, the customers' needs and requirements are addressed, thus providing Zara with loyal clients and a substantial advantage over other companies on the market.
Zara is one of the most successful world companies due to the practical application of information and communication technologies that influence the selling strategy and enhance customer loyalt

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