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Adolescent concerns (Essay Sample)


Adolescent And Technology


Student’s name
Adolescents concerns
Today, adolescents interact and use technology in different ways for different purposes. The often get access to various media platforms such as facebook,twitter,whatsapp,likedin and snap chat through handset devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets. The availability and use of information technology among the adolescents poses both opportunities and threats for the youths. This paper therefore, assesses the today’s global adolescents concerns that have been fueled by their 24/7 access to technology.
There are various adolescent concerns that I have witnessed within my family, around the church and school that have been fueled by the use of technology. The interaction and use of technology among the young people have created issues of behavior changes in adolescents groups that have become a concern to many parents. Internet addiction is common among the adolescents making them to ignore social interaction, do their homework, and locate less time to concentrate in their school or to allocate time to other issues in general. As (Cenameri and Taci,288) adolescents spend a lot of time and may stay awake until late on the internet; this isolates them in emotional and social aspects because they rarely engage in face to face communication.
Efforts to address the developmental, social and emotional impacts of these adolescents concerns today should be focused at ensuring that there exists high quality health information on the social media platforms. This helps the adolescents to often interact with adequate information on how the use of internet can impact on their social life, developmental outcomes and health outcomes (Park and Kwon,120). The adolescents need to

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