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Social Media Application Functional Requirements Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


Social Media Application Functional Requirements


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Social Media Application Functional Requirements
Using any of the social media applications as a brownfield project:
Social networking aims to connect communities and people hat share the same interests and activities. It links individuals via low cost platform to promote personal relationships and interactions.
1 Identify and describe using scenarios 3 to 5 functional requirements.
The system will entail a User who will possess or follow the following attributes:
* Ought to have a valid Username or User ID and password to login to the system.
* Users who do not have an account registered on this site can create a new one from the signup page.
* No user should be permitted to have more than one account or profile registered the social app.
* An end user can edit his/her profile in the account’s personal page as well post his/her opinions on the activities he/she desires. This can only be done after a successful or valid user login.
2 Define a new functional requirement

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