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Drawbacks That Led To Google Plus’s Shutdown. (Essay Sample)


6-1 Discussion: Google+
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Despite ongoing efforts to redesign and update the social network, Google+ closed its consumer branch in April 2019.
Why was Google+ slow to take off? Discuss at least two issues that Google+ encountered.
Compare and contrast it with other social media sites.
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Drawbacks That Led to Google Plus’s Shutdown.
As one of the tech giants, Google envisioned its prosperity in the social media niche once the number of subscribers to its newest product surged. The tech giant witnessed growing numbers initially that gradually dwindled after the first year of launching Google Plus. The absence of user experience and engagement contributed to the downfall of Google Plus.
Google Plus failed to focus its design strategy on the users, instead, it focused on the in-built design. Smith avouches new users followed the users who preceded them to learn how to use the app. If Google focused on developing Google Plus around the shortcomings of other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter certain that the user had the best experience and the easiest time navigating through the app, then, Google Plus’s chances of rising steadily to a prominent social media site and app would have been effectuated.
Google Plus content creators found a hard time engaging the users who only came to research for information and left after having what they were looking for. Nunez avers creators witnessed immense following but diminutive feedback from their followers: communication was rather one way. Google+ proved as just another social media site devoid of distinctiveness and novelty (Tassi). The only users who participated on Google Plus were content creators—professional bloggers (non-professionals were left hanging on conversations that only experts could indulge with comprehension).
Besides failing to focus on the design for user experience and relationships, Google Plus would have been one of the best social media sites. If Google plans to revamp the product, focusing on user participation and encounter will revive the social media product. With the app engaging and giving the users the best experience, Google Plus would easily have trounced dominant social media sites—the likes of Facebook and Twitter—and emerged as one of the favorite social media apps among internet user

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