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How is Technology Being Used to Solve Problems? (Essay Sample)

Find a current article that discusses new trends in your anticipated major/field of study. For example, how computers, technology, all programming techniques are being used to solve a problem. Possible article Sources are : news sources (search https// and enter appropriate terms in the search field); magazines; or periodicals in your field of study. Do not use Wikipedia as a source- however, Wiki can be a good source to locate such articles if you scroll down to the bottom of Wiki page in the subject of your choice and examine the footnotes. 2. Next, summarize the article in a way that someone who is not in your field of study, will be able to understand the concepts. Your pay should be between 250 and 500 words. 3. Cite the source you used. See the references tab in Microsoft Word use the “Citations & Bibliography” feature. Select the “ MLA” format ( you may need to change style in the drop-down), use Manage Sources to create the citation in the proper format, and insert a Bibliography in a “ Works Cited” section of your paper. source..
Name Instructor Course Date How is Technology Being Used to Solve Problems? Technology, or digital technology as it has been coined, has created problems in our daily lives and the world. Some people have argued that the problem with technology is that it "debilitates our ability to engage with each other in tangible ways," and many others continue to be drawn towards its promises of convenience, flexibility, and increased productivity. However, all this talk about the harmful effects of technology may overlook just how powerful it can be when applied for good purposes. Technology can be used to solve problems that have plagued humanity since time began. Technology can be used to solve many problems. However, the first thing that most people think of when they hear the word "technology" is a thing like a GPS or a cell phone. Although these are very useful and convenient, they do not solve problems exactly. There are better kinds of technology that can solve current societal problems (Kale and Mete 129). Here is an analogy of how people use technology. Imagine you are trying to cross a very flooded road, and as soon as you put your foot down, a wave immediately comes over you and covers you completely. So you wait for the waves to go down before you put your feet down, only to find that the current is so strong that you're being dragged back with every step. In order to get across without being swept away, the smart thing is to use a boat. The boat would be technology because it allows people to get across while still achieving the goal of getting across safely and efficiently. The boat changes what we can do by removing the obstacle of huge waves. When you and your friend cross the flooded road, you could be swept away. But with a boat, you will both be able to cross safely. Technology solves problems by removing obstacles, like the waves that can cause problems. Some technology is used to accomplish this by making things easier or in other ways. For instance, most navigation systems can help drivers tell where they are on the map or give directions via voice commands (iPhones). This gives the driver peace of mind and makes things easier for them. In another example, a man in a wheelchair uses a device called "the exosuit." This suit makes it easier for him to move his legs and walk around by lifting from the knees. Elements of Problem Solving To solve a problem, several elements come into play. The first element is having a problem to be solved. The second element is technology that can be used to solve the problem. The third is the ability to use technology and, finally, the decision of whether or not to use the technology. Having a Problem One must first have a problem before there is a technology that can solve it. This is where things get interesting. The problem could have been around for years, it could be a new problem that has arisen, or it could even be something people are unaware of. New Problems Some problems have just recently come to light and need solving. For example, nurses at the hospital do not want patients to leave before their pain medication runs out. This is not just a problem with the medical system but more so an issue of patient safety (Bukhman). However, this is not a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Many immediate problems need solving. Old Problems Some problems have been around for a long time. For instance, mental health has been an issue for ages, but it was not until recently that the problem of suicide came to light. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death in people aged 15–34 (Shiels et al. 879). Problems Unknown Some problems are unknown to the people who have them, meaning that no technology exists to solve them. This could be because...
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