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LiDar and Satellite Remote Sensing (Essay Sample)


The paper was about Remote sensing which can be defined as the process of observing a medium, a process, or some phenomenon without coming into direct contact with it. it contained several questions in relation to the topic, with the reference being a video. the questions included how lidar remote sensing works and using satellite remote sensing for environmental protection


Date of submission
Sense and Representation; Endeavors in Science
Remote sensing
Remote sensing can be defined as the process of observing a medium, a process, or some phenomenon without coming into direct contact with it. Unlike in a lab setting where you get to interact with a medium, remote sensing involves observing it remotely from a distance. Remote sensing provides a different perspective when observing a phenomenon from a distance, maybe from space or miles away. When you zoom out further from a phenomenon, it takes a new meaning. For instance, the trees are part of a broader system that sits on a landmass that is part of a continent that sits on the ocean. When you observe those same trees from a distance, you see how they fit into a broader earth system, the clouds surround them, the ice that is far north and far south of them, the oceans that are affecting the climate and causing those trees to grow.
Satellite Remote Sensing for Environmental Protection
Satellites are the best way to 

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