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Industrial Revolution (Essay Sample)


Your response should not be a summary of the lecture content.
Instead, write your own opinion or thoughts based on one of the topics or ideas raised in this lecture. You may focus on just one point, or respond to the lecture as a whole.
Follow up with a further study on points in this lecture that are of interest to you. In your response, demonstrate that you have engaged with the content through your own thinking processes.


Industrial Revolution
From the information provided about the industrial revolution, it is apparent that a great deal of development took place during that time. Not only did we see developments in art but also in science. This happens to be one of my favorite movements in art and literature, the Renaissance, which also arose around the time, thus making me even more interested in the topic.
The different techniques, backgrounds, and themes used by the photographers of the 19th century make the period alive in every sense. The paper negative process used in A scene in York: York minister from top lane by William Henry Fox Talbot stood out to me the most. The idea of the representation of everyday life in a town presented through subtle details has always fascinated me.

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