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Declining Client Request (Essay Sample)


In this assignment i was tasked with writing a block business letter to a client of a company. The purpose of this letter is to train an individual or a business owner on how to decline client requests politely without sounding harsh. The goal is to decline a clients proposal without necessary saying no


Dear Eng. Brook:
For every business, having the right employees with the right ideology and self-drive is the most crucial form of building a steady firm or company. It is for these reasons that we at Drimo Data Analytics company go far and beyond when it comes to hiring employees. We have several qualities in mind that we look for in a person seeking the chance for employment with our company. These are the main reasons that have enabled our company to stay ahead of the rest in the same niche. Being specific in the kind of qualities that we want from our employees is the main reason why we receive countless numbers of applications.
We received your application together with ten thousand different applications from other men and women interested in the job position. This volume of applications makes for an extremely competitive selection process and left us with the difficult choice of selecting those who meet the criteria of selection. There were diverse skill sets presented to us in the selection process. Some of those skill sets were those that are relatively hard to get.

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