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Electronic Portfolio Overview: The Value Of Professional Branding (Essay Sample)


Electronic portfolio overview.
The assignment has some guided questions.

Name Institutional Affiliation Professor Date Branding Offer your point of view about the value of professional branding, referring to specific points in the article. (20 points) The value of personal branding is becoming an important factor in the marketing world today. Not only does it provide a competitive edge but is also a necessity to any successful brand. Personal branding has been endorsed by many big companies for a while now as it enhances their marketing. For a company to endorse someone to be their brand ambassador, the person in consideration has to have a great market value in terms of his personal branding and getting the best results in their area of profession. For example, Nike give s us some of the best examples of professional branding where they have endorsed the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan as their brand ambassador for the Nike Air Jordan shoe line. Jordan is perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time and this greatly increases his value when it comes to personal branding. By the act of Nike being associated with him, it provides them with a great opportunity to be more marketable to a wider audience worldwide as well as a beneficiary of goodwill of his personal brand. Professional branding utilizes the brands greatest strength and it works through visibility. No matter how good the product is, it has to be marketed for visibility and this yields power in the brand which is a matter of perception. The brand has to be branded as a leader in the industry. The person has have distinctive characteristics which should be their greatest strength. Standing out has been the key factor to successful branding. Electronic portfolio overview An electronic portfolio is a digitalized form of a curriculum vitae, it’s a collection of work and educational evidence in an electronic format. It may contain other information such as files of evidence showcasing course take or program of study, projects involved in and evaluations analysis recommendations. As per Basken (2008), electronic Portfolios "are an approach to create learning and also archive learning" (Basken, 2008). Both creating learning and archiving or recording learning are essential, however the process toward producing adapting here and there gets neglected. Electronic Portfolios create learning since they give a chance and virtual space for understudies to basically evaluate their scholarly work, to think about that work, and make associations among various courses, assignments, and different exercises, for example, work involvement, extracurricular interests, volunteering openings, and then some. ePortfolios are viable learning devices since they bolster understudies' very own insight development, make generally undetectable parts of the learning procedure obvious, and put office in the hands of understudies, which cultivates students' inspiration. What is an electronic portfolio? How does it relate to professional branding? What items might be included in an e-portfolio? (20 points) 200 An electronic portfolio is collection of digital evidence that has been assembled and managed by the user of the portfolio mostly on the internet (Dutta 2). Some of the examples of electronic portfolio include blog entries, hyperlinks, social media profiles, multimedia and other types of electronic files. An electronic portfolio makes the user more relatable and is used as part of their personal branding. An electronic portfolio represents the person you are in personal branding. It is used to expose you to the world by your strengths and your standout traits that makes you a leader and a good personal brand. A good personal brand can be used for professional branding and marketing. How one markets themselves in an electronic portfolio represents their professional brand to the world. The advantage of professional branding through an electronic portfolio is that you can create the brand you want the world to see and this greatly improves your marketing and enables you to choose your market segment. Some of the items that must be included in an e-portfolio are professional images of you preferably in your area of professionalism. You must also include your achievements in your profession to show that your brand is associated with winning. An electronic portfolio should include personal information that arouses curiosity to the audience in your areas of interest and enhances your personal brand positively. This information should prove to potential brand ambassadors or customers on why your brand is different and why it is the best. A) How might an electronic portfolio be used in a job search or career change?  An electronic portfolio can be used in a job search or even a career change. A good electronic portfolio in websites such as LinkedIn places you in a pole position to secure a job. This is because it gives the opportunity to post your electronic portfolio mostly based on your qualifications and strengths and it is accessible globally to any person who expresses interest in your portfolio in any part of the world. Electronic portfolios allow you to include information that makes you different which is not possible to be included in resumes and job application documents. The electronic portfolios also expose you to the job markets as they help link you to markets that are looking for your unique characteristics and qualifications. Electronic portfolios can also help you launch your career change. For example, assuming you are moving from a white collar job to a corporate marketing career such as modelling or fashion industry, you will need to update your electronic portfolio with information that relates to your new career exposing your strengths and standout features that you were not able to expose before and hence it is a good launching pad for people switching careers. An electronic portfolio gives you the opportunity to market yourself to the world using your strengths. B) Are there cautions related to branding that should be observed in developing one?  Some of the cautions related to personal branding include caution against impersonation whereby people steal pictures and information from others and pretend to own it. There is also a caution against originality of content whereby you are not supposed to plagiarize or copy content without receiving the copyright of the owners may lead to loss of credibility and even potential lawsuits....
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