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Importance of Fieldwork Creative Writing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The task was to highlight the importance of Fieldwork to students.


Answer to Part A.
Fieldwork supports the geographical curriculum through the promotion of geographical understanding and knowledge of landscapes. Fieldwork helps to bridge the divide present between the classes and the real world. Fieldwork reinforces students to understand landscape terminologies and processes.
Answer to Part B.
Most habitats across the world are adapted to wet environments. Climate change forecasters predict that moisture levels will decrease due to climate change, this means that we are at risk of losing key species in our environment. This is because sensitive habitats are sensitive to moisture levels therefore, they will suffer. Reduction in functions of loss of habitats could affect water supply and quality, food production and use of land for either leisure or tourism. Reduced soil moisture has also been related to increased wildfires and also to the vulnerability of species to diseases and

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