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Motivation Speech: Every Talent is Not Without Reason Here (Essay Sample)


This essay is actually a kind of motivational speech, which I wrote without a source, completely from my head. At a time of various crises caused by pandemics and wars, a large part of the world's population has mental problems. It is in such times that everyone should be aware of their innate talent and not neglect it. Talent must multiply and can help overcome all problems, even modern ones - and these are very often mental problems.


Every talent is not without reason here
The fact that you were born and came into this world speaks of one unique thing for each of us; every inhabitant of the planet is a winner! The very fact that we have arrived here is crucial, valuable information that none of us has the right not to believe. We all made it by coming here!! And we did not come empty-handed, being innate winners, we also have our gift in which we must believe and above all are not be afraid to show and perfect it. 

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