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The Role of Media Literacy on Youth Development (Essay Sample)


During the Week 2 Assignment, Project Plan, you chose a topic and created your project plan. In the Week 3 Lesson, you read about location and access and in Week 4, you learned about organizing your digital information and storing that information responsibly. Now it is time to take the work you did in the Week 2 Assignment, Project Plan, and locate and evaluate sources that will lead to your Week Week 7 Assignment, Field of Study Project.
Please follow these instructions:
- Download the Source Organization Worksheet Template (in Word). (I have attached it below)
- Complete Parts I and II in the Template.
- Find a minimum of four (4) sources. One (1) source must be an academic source and from the APUS Trefry Library and the other sources must be credible and appropriate for college research.


Source Evaluation Worksheet
Part I: Topic
The Role of Media Literacy on Youth Development
In the population, the youths are the most influenced by the media; hence, the media's use in positive means to impact youths' development is essential. With the abundance of fake news and disinformation in the social media platforms, which offer the most convenient and easily accessible news to the youths, identifying the fake and the real news from credible and reliable sources is crucial. Media literacy plays the role of ensuring analysis of the media news to the reader via identifying the different types of the media and how to differentiate the sources based on reliability. Second, media literacy plays the role of engaging consumers to make wiser decisions. Thus, the central idea for the field of study project will be to identify the impact media literacy has on youth development concerning the negative and positive consequences of the lack of literacy and literacy of the media. 
Part II: Source Evaluation
Article 1
Article Title: Does media literacy help identification of fake news? Information literacy helps, but other literacies don't.
Article Author: S. Mo Jones-Jang, Tara Mortensen, Jingjing Liu
Retrieval Information:
Source's Publication Date: August 28, 2019
Publishing Information: Article first published online by Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA and University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA
Source Summary: This article looks at whether people with greater media literacy are less prone to fake news. The findings show that persons with information literacy have a higher capability to identify fake news. I will use this article in my project to illustrate some of the key aspects obtained from information literacy that aid in fake news identification. 
Article 2
Article Title : Youth Media Education in the Age of Algorithm‐Driven Social Media
Article Author: Jussi Okkonen, Jaakko Vuorio, Karoliina Leisti
Retrieval Information:
Source's Publication Date: First published: August 25, 2020
Publishing Information: The book editors include; Divina Frau‐Meigs, Sirkku Kotilainen, Manisha Pathak‐Shelat, Michael Hoechsmann, Stuart R. Poyntz 
Source Summary: This article focuses on the core technologies used in social media to enhance deep learning and content filtering curations via media education. I will use this article to illustrate the digital footprints and the algorithm of the media operations in my project. 
Article 3
Article Title:  The Case for the Sixth Domain of War: Psychological Warfare in the Age of Advanced Technology 
Article Author: Bethany Vailliant and Media Ajir
Retrieval Information: doi: 10.18278/gsis.5.1.2
Source's Publication Date: Spring/Summer 2020
Source Summary: This study primarily draws on the promotion of media literacy among youths with critical thinking development. I will use this article to critically analyze some of the means to enhance media literacy among the youths and unearthing the fake news from the real

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