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The 30 Best Mexican Restaurants in New York City (Essay Sample)


New York City has hands-down some of the best Mexican restaurants in the US. If you love Mexican cuisines and you’d like to know where you can get the best food and service, you’re in safe hands. Below are 30 of the best Mexican restaurants in NYC. In this article, i highlighted the most exquisite Mexican restaurants that are located in new york city.


The 30 Best Mexican Restaurants in New York City
New York City has hands-down some of the best Mexican restaurants in the US. If you love Mexican cuisines and you’d like to know where you can get the best food and service, you’re in safe hands. Below are 30 of the best Mexican restaurants in NYC:
1 El Centro
824 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019
(917) 409-1171
El Centro is famous for its Mahi Mahi tacos and steak chilaquiles. They also make fabulous shrimp quesadillas, fish tacos, guacamole, and their frozen margaritas are something to die for.
This Mexican restaurant has a lovely outdoor ambiance and funky color and décor. El Centro’s services are very timely. They also include delicious and tasty toppings. And, if you prefer your cuisine with that extra kick, their yellow hot sauce will do you wonders.
Grab a table at El Centro, order a Mexican beer or frozen margarita as you wait for your sizzling hot order, and expect a wonderful time.
2 Anejo
301 Church St.
New York, NY 10019
Anejo is one of those small but hip restaurants with creative and delicious Mexican/ Latin/ Central American cuisines in New York. One of the loveable aspects of Anejo is they have something for everyone.
This TriBeCa restaurant has Morning Tacos, crispy and spicy tortillas, and tasty Carne Asada torta. For dessert, they offer tres leches. You also get classy tequila and a whole margarita menu.
Anejo has special diets, including vegan options, vegetarian friendly, and gluten-free varieties.
3 Taqueria Sinaloense
113 West 225th Street
The Bronx, NY 10463
Taqueria Sinaloense has a specialty in Mexican food, especially tacos. Their tacos canasta filled with grilled cheese, shrimp, chorizo, and fresh chiles is a delight anyone will love.
The restaurant has a lovely ambiance with equally supportive and knowledgeable staff. Their tasty carnitas burrito, quesabirria, and enchiladas will make you go back for more.
A chef-tasting menu is also available at Taqueria Sinaloense. The buffalo mozzarella, gazpacho, and heirloom salad available are mouth-watering. If you want a romantic time in a lovely NYC Mexican restaurant with delicious cuisines, try Taqueria Sinaloense.
4 La Morada
308 Willis Ave
Bronx, NY 10454
La Morada specializes in Oaxacan food in Mott Haven. It has a small and simple setting, but the food is delicious, and the service is super-friendly. La Morada’s menu is quite extensive and creative. They have various moles you can choose from, but their top three are mole Oaxaquena, Blanco, and Mole Poblano.
You can also find wonderful gorditas, tortas, and shrimp with bacon wrapping in this Mexican restaurant. Plus, if you want to gorge yourself with an enormous serving of diverse grilled delicacies in a big bowl, you can order a molcajete.
5 Tulcingo Del Valle
665 110th Ave,
New York, NY 10036
Tulcingo is one of the best Mexican restaurants in NYC’S Manhattan area. This place has award-winning, mouth-watering tacos and 100% fresh seafood and meats. And, you also get tasty Aguas Frescas to wash all these down.
You will find Tulcingo Del Valle simply lovely; with fast service and special diets that are vegetarian friendly. Their fresh traditional guacamole, shrimp fajitas, tortas, cemita al pastor, and enchiladas combinadas are definitely worth trying. If you want a quiet and peaceful Mexican restaurant that serves Pueblan dishes, including delicious cemitas, Tulcingo Del Valle is a great option.
6 Birria –Landia
77-99 Roosevelt Ave,
Queens, NY 11372
Birria-Landia is a food truck that serves the best birria in New York. In fact, they pour most of their effort and love into making birria that is as good as any in Tijuana. You can tell this from their brief menu.
Birria- Landia includes a deep and tasty consome in most of its foods. This consome is what makes the restaurant’s birria special, tacos crispy orange and their tostada delicious. You can also try their Mulita. But, make sure you’ve had the pleasure of experience the taste-explosion that is in their consome.
7 Casa Enrique
5-48 49th Ave
Queens, NY 11101
Casa Enrique might rank below some of the other popular Mexican restaurants in NYC. However, when it comes to Long Island, it is undoubtedly the best. This restaurant serves authentic, tasty Mexican delicacies with entrees, salsa, and chips. Their service is satisfactory, the menu is simple, and they offer nothing but authentic Mexican food.
You can pop into Casa Enrique and try out their enchiladas, tostadas or chille rellenos. If you want a life-changing guacamole experience, try this restaurant's "hot" option. Or try their amazing crab tostadas. You may also love their chicken mole, steak tacos, and fish tacos.
8 Tacos Morelos
9413 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372-7925
Tacos Morelos is a local, family-owned Mexican restaurant that has been operational in NY for more than 13 years. It serves authentic Mexican cuisines and even offers discounts for senior citizens and military personnel. It is the perfect place for anyone that wants inexpensive burritos, tacos, or a quiet beer.
Tacos Morelo’s bowl of fish-burrito is a must-try. It comes with guacamole, Mexican-style crema, and a variety of other classic favorites. Their breaded chicken tortas, steak enchiladas, pork carnitas huaraches, and chicken huaraches are also definitely worth a try.
9 Taco Mix
234 116th St East Harlem,
New York City, NY 10029-1412
+1 212-289-2963
Taco Mix has been serving tacos since 1991. Their tacos al pastor and sudero are arguably the best in NYC. The al pastor tacos at Taco Mix are a perfect balance of peppery sweet deliciousness combined with just the right amount of cilantro and onions.
You can also their Taco Mix's burrito, nachos, burrito bowl, or chips and guacamole at arguably affordable prices. They also offer vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free special diets, including tacos, quesadilla, huaraches, and nachos.
10 Taqueria Coatzingo
76-05 Roosevelt Ave
Queens, NY 11372
+1 718-424-1977
Unlike most of the lovable Mexican hole-in-the-walls that we have listed here, Taqueria Coatzingo is somewhat bigger. This restaurant's kitchen is a hive of activity, and you can actually see the flames from outside if you peek through their windows.
This restaurant’s meaty tacos are among the best in NYC. Its menu also includes enchiladas, huaraches, and steaks. Vegetarian options are also available, filled with rice, Queso Blanco, and beans, and quite satisfactory. You can Mexican/ Latin/ Spanish cuisines in this restaurant.
Taqueria Coatzingo serves alcohol and offers takeout and seating.
Los Tacos No. 1
75 9th Avenue
New York City, NY 10011-7006
Los Tacos No. 1 offers you authentic Mexican flavor and culture in the heart of New York City. They offer Latin, Mexican cuisine,s among various other fast food options. You can also order a vegetarian- friendly or gluten-free special diets.
Service at this restaurant is quite friendly, and their quesadillas are worth the wait. Their chicken, pork, and steak tacos are also reputably good. And, if you prefer a glass of juice with your tacos, they have good refreshing tamarindo and horchata options.
Rosa Mexicano
61 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10023
The Rosa Mexicano is located near Lincoln Center- just across the street. It is the perfect go-to Mexican restaurant before or after a performance. You can choose to grab a meal there or settle for a refreshing cocktail.
Munching at this restaurant is one enjoyable experience. They offer tasty quesadilla huitlacoche and tamale de conchinita for starters, tablones and Mixiote cordero for entrees, and conchas rellenas and flan for dessert.
Rosa Mexicano’s must-tries include their churros, pork carnitas, and frozen pomegranate margaritas.
35 E 21st St
New York City, NY 10010-6212
+1 212-913-9659
Cosme is in New York's Flatiron District. It offers trendy Mexican and Latin cuisine. They also have a selection of special diets that include vegan, vegetarian-friendly, and gluten-free options. You can pop into this Mexican restaurant any time for your lunch, brunch, or dinner.
Cosme is the ideal Mexican restaurant for those who like to imbibe. Their various tequila options will leave anyone with more than just a quenched thirst. The ambiance in Cosme is lovely, their mimosas are delicious, and their duck carnitas is worth a shot. And, their lamb with tortillas is out of this world.
This restaurant is quite large-sized, and therefore suitable for anyone with a sizeable company.
La Fondita Restaurant
49-11 69th Street
New York, NY 11377
La Fondita offers NYC residents Mexican delicacies prepared the same way they are in the streets of Mexico. One of the most enjoyable meals in La Fondita restaurant is tradicional guerrence. It includes rice, beans, and their trademark mole. Their recipes are laden with guajillo and pasilla peppers to give the food that infamous Mex...

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