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Contributions made by women in astronomy Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


This task was about the contributions to astronomy made by women


Contributions to astronomy made by women
By: Angel Ramos
Astronomy alludes to "the logical investigation of divine articles and wonders that starts outside the world's environment. As the most established science, space science includes movement of heavenly bodies, and the universe and its development. Throughout the entire existence of astronomy, a lot of ladies have made huge commitment to the field however it seems like men have in every case conspiratorially taken the roar of brilliance from the ladies and their commitment has consistently been kept in lack of clarity. Ladies were essentially denied any voice by men and would never be permitted to take part in such complex subjects as space science. No space science look into focus would ever draw in a lady cosmologist notwithstanding their talent. Will talk about the most important contributions in my opinion, the ones in the 18th century.

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