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Latino Experienced in US Essay. US History Assignment (Essay Sample)


The task is on argumentative writing
it is about provision of personal arguments following readings provided to student.


Latino Experienced in U.S
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Latino Experienced in U.S
The world wars in history were about colonization of countries by others. The stronger one would colonize the weak ones. Colonialism was an avenue of utilizing resources found in the colonized country. The write up will look at some of the effects of colonization, as evidenced in the Puerto Rican Diaspora.
Colonization takes place between two countries where the stronger one colonizes, the weaker one. The weak nation can be colonized by more than one nation. The colonization of Puerto Rico by Spain began in 1508. In 1898 following the end of war among the countries of Spain, Cuba, and America, the United States(U.S) took over the administration of Puerto Rico from Spain and maintained sovereignty since then [1,3]. U.S political, as well as its economic initiatives, prompted more Puerto Ricans to migrate to the U.S [1,3,13,26]. Whalen and Vázquez-Hernández (2008) conclude that the migration was to offset an overpopulation of Puerto Ricans, which according to U.S policymakers, would help address the economic woes in Puerto Rico [1,7,26,35] through some programs relating to contracted labor to the U.S [1,13].

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