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Brief Introduction Of Management: What Is Management? (Essay Sample)


Brief introduction of management


What is Management?
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The management of an organization is of extreme importance in today’s competitive environment. The issue has been under discussion since the beginning of the time. There are several factors that have a direct impact on the management’s efficiency in planning, staffing, controlling, and leadership. The managers should be able to understand the implications of these factors to achieve the goals set by the organization or firms.
1 Introduction
The managing of the resources and affairs are of one of the most important and debated issues in the human history. The issue was a highlight when the humans learned to live in a society and coordinate with each other in form of organizations [1]. The management is a purposeful activity and it is the attainment of the pre-determined organizational or societal goals. The management theory and the practices have evolved in modern times. The theories are known as, “classical-management theories” started to emerge in the early 20th century [1]. The definitions of management and the stakeholders involved in it are presented below:
Management: It is a process of coordinating the resources (human and non-human) to meet common organizational objectives. The activity which directs to control an organization or its activities is known as business management [1].
Managers: The personals responsible for carrying out managing activities for the organization are known as managers. The entity or the group of people benefiting from managing activities is known as organization or firm [1].
The management is, therefore, can be summarized as the process of designing and maintaining the coordination between the team of individuals which are working in a group or organization. The first and foremost, the management is the process of solving problems which keep emerging in the daily business operations of the organization. The problems solving process includes the identification of a problem, the analysis of the situation, formulating a solution, and effective implementation of the solution [2]. Secondly, the management processes also involve the efficient management of the risks. A good management approach converts a crisis situation into a competitive advantage [2]. Finally, the management also involves the effective management of human resources and encourage teamwork, self-motivation, and exchange of ideas between the employees of an organization. In this essay, the concept of management is explained in relation to its objectives.
2 Objectives of Management
The three main objectives of the management can be summarized as:
a. The attainment of the organizational goals in a cost-effective manner is the first objective of the management team. It also includes attaining the goals without exerting any excess pressure on organization’s financial and operational resources [2].
b. The second objective of the management is to increase the productivity of the human resources of an organization. It should be increased while ensuring the safety, welfare, and health of the employees.
c. The last objective of the management is to effectively manage the resource available to the organization. It includes the concepts of inventory management, supply chain management, and the human resources.
3. Functions of Management
To understand the functions of the management, it is important to break down the process into its planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling procedures. Planning is the process in which the missions and goals of the management process and the actions required to achieve these goals. This process requires a significant amount of decision making as it involves proper managing of human and material resources [3]. The ultimate purpose of the management is to increase the productivity of the resources available to the organization. However, the managing of resources is not an easy task as there are several variables involved in this process like planning and assigning the jobs to employees, creating inventor and managing and supply chains, and finally the management of financial resources to attain the organizational goals.
Like the planning process, the staffing is another managerial challenge faced by the managers of an organization. The staffing involves the filling and keeping the positions filled in the organizational structure. It involves an efficient management of the human resources and the identification of the problem being faced by the employees [3]. The managers are tasked with recruiting, selecting, promoting, and planning of careers for the employees. The ultimate goal of this process is to encourage the candidates and current position holders to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.
The processes of planning and staffing are effective if the manager has significant leadership attributes. Leading is the process of influencing the human resources of an organization to contribute effectively towards the organizational goals. The most important challenges for the managers arise from the people, their attitudes, and the way they operate in form of a group of common organizational goals [4]. The effective leadership involves effective communication, motivation, and adopting required leadership styles depending on the situation.
The leadership becomes more effective when the managers have controlling skills. It involves controlling a budget, the correcting of the activities of the employees to attain the planned organization goals. The managers should be able to measure the performance of human and organizational resources against the set goals and make necessary arrangements and imp...
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