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Developmental Theory Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Develop one developmental theory


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Developmental Theory: Freud’s Psychosexual Theory
This essay aims to provide a thorough account of Freud’s Psychosexual Theory which belongs to the developmental theories. Child developmental theories focus on describing how children grow during childhood and explore different sides of development linked to social, emotional, cognitive, and gender aspects. Following a discussion on the benefits and limitations of the theory, another theory will be employed as a contrasting viewpoint.
There are five influential categories of developmental theories that try to provide answers to questions related to development. The psychoanalytical theories focus on unconscious emotions and drives, the learning theories study observable behavior, the cognitive theories analyze thought processes, the evolutionary or sociobiological theories consider the evolutionary and biological basis of behavior, and the contextual theories assess the historical, social, and cultural impact on behavior (ISTD 24).

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