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Leukemia (Essay Sample)


Types, prevention, causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment strategies of leukemia


What are the types, prevention, causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment strategies of leukemia?
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What are the types, prevention, causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment strategies of leukemia?
Leukemia accounts for less than three percent of the worldwide cancer burden, however, the trend has been drastically changing, attributed to a plethora of facets which have been of great interest and vast concern in the field of medicine. Similarly, leukemia can be diagnosed at any age, and it is typically in childhood. In contrast, the incidence of leukemia is higher in adults, increasing notably with age, causing a lot of worries and daunts among the population, which is analogous to Reaman (1) affirmation on the rapid increase in rates of leukemia. Further, the study of leukemia is very indispensable, since it equips one with appropriate knowledge on how to manage and contain the disease. The mysteries and difficulties encountered during diagnosis and treatment of leukemia also makes the topic interesting and one of the best choices.
Definition of Leukemia
According to Klosterman (2), leukemia is a disease in which group of cells that are normally found in the blood stream become so ample amounting to an imposed danger to an individual. Further, Leukemia is tentatively referred to as the cancer of the blood, and Ball and Kagan (3), affirm that leukemia can be described as a malignant disease of the white blood cells, depicted by the occurrence of excess or abnormal accumulation of white blood cells in the blood and the bone marrow. In tandem to this, there are several types of leukemia, and each type possesses different features, however the types of leukemia evince a similar characteristic, which is an uncontrolled growth of one of the several types of white blood cells (3).
Types of Leukemia
In light with this, there are four radical subtypes of leukemia and various other forms of the disease. The four major types of leukemia encompass; Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The other unusual and exceptional forms include; hairy cell leukemia, Sezary cell leukemia, plasma cell leukemia, leukemia phase of lymphoma and prolymphocytic leukemia (3). The nature of leukemia is highly dependent on the type of the white blood cells found in the blood stream. The leukocytes are normally categorized into Granulocytes which include basophils, eosinophils, and neutrophils, and agranulocytes which consists of macrophages, lymphocytes and monocytes, which perform different functions (3).
Causes of Leukemia
Acute forms of leukemia are caused by the absence of neutrophils, ascribed to the reduced ability of the body to repress bacterial and fungal infections (3). Similarly, leukemia is initiated by genetic upshots or inherited patterns of certain aspects, and the exact nature of the cells involved. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is generally caused by malignant transformation in the neutrophil precursor. On the other hand, CML arises, when the disease commences by a particular molecular effect in the stem cells-a class of cells where the blood cells arises (3). If the disease is initiated in the stem cell ...
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