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Exploring the Effects of ALC Mutant on Musculature (Lab Report Sample)




Effect of ALC Mutant on Musculature
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ALC is an alcohol mutant that affects body functions and activities. Intake of ALC reduces brain function and the development of the muscles. This paper aimed to determine whether the ALC mutant facilitates muscle growth and development or not. Hypothesis: Ho, the introduction of ALC reduces musculature. Ha, the introduction of ALC increases musculature.
An average of the effect of ALC was determined and recorded as well. Based on the data analysis, every unit of ALC intake increased the muscle protein degradation, which yields a loss of the protein cells, hence weakening musculature. For instance, the introduction of 5 units of ALC produced an average of 0.35 units of protein degradation. 10 units of ALC resulted in an average of 0.625 of muscle degradation. The western blot test result indicated that protein molecules had been broken down due to ALC intake. The cycle threshold value, increasing ALC in the reaction will facilitate the reaction rate; hence more protein molecules will be degraded.
According to the findings, we fail to reject the null hypothesis, which states that the introduction of the ALC mutant

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