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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
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Hand Soap Comparison LAB Biological & Biomedical Sciences Lab Report (Lab Report Sample)


A lab report for Hand Soap Comparison done in the laboratory


Hand Soap Comparison LAB
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Hands are integral parts of the human body from helping use balance to grabbing things. Consequently, various agents have been created help clean our hands and remove harmful microorganisms. The experiment examines the relative effectiveness of various hand-washing agents using a simple test. Many companies claim that their product is the best hand-cleaning agent, but there is not sufficient way to prove these statements. This experiment examines a variety of these agents including soft soap, alcohol wipes, peroxide wipes, and hand-sanitizers. Two tubes labeled "before wash" and "after wash" each containing nutrient agar broth are used to test the turbidity of each hand-washing agent. Each group of student performs the procedure on a specific agent are records the results. As expected, soft soap, alcohol wipes and betadine record zero turbidity while peroxide (Germex) has a turbidity of two. The results show that soft soap and betadine are relatively effective in removing microorganisms from the hands. However, the experiment is not very accurate as other variables influence the results.

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