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Prepare an Engineering Lab Report: Bitumen Penetration Test (Lab Report Sample)


to write a lab report on BITUMEN PENETRATION TEST. The sample is a lab report on BITUMEN PENETRATION TEST


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(i) To decide the consistency of bituminous material
(ii) To evaluate the reasonableness of bitumen for use under various climatic conditions and different sorts of development.
(i) Container: A level bottomed round and hollow metallic dish 55 mm in width and 35 mm top to bottom is required. In the event that the penetration is of the request of at least 225, dish of 70mm breadth and 45mm profundity is required.
(ii) Needle: A straight, exceedingly cleaned, round and hollow hard steel pole.
(iii)Water bath: Water bath kept up at 25° ± 0.1 °C, containing at the very least 10 liters of water, the sample being immersed to a profundity at the very least 100 mm from top& upheld on perforated rack at least 50 mm from base of the bath.
(iv)Transfer dish or tray: Should give support to the holder and ought not shake it. It ought to be of such limit as to totally submerge compartment amid test.
(v) Penetration device: Should be to such an extent that it permits needle to infiltrate without much friction& is precisely aligned to give brings about one tenth of a millimeter.
(vi)Thermometer: Range 0-44 °C and in coherent upto 0.20 C.
(vii)Time measuring gadget: With a precision of l second.
Penetration value is a measure of hardness or consistency of bituminous material. It is the vertical separation navigated or infiltrated by the purpose of a standard needle into the bituminous material under particular states of load, time and temperature. This separation is measured in one tenths of a millimeter. This test is utilized for assessing consistency of bitumen. It is not viewed as appropriate for use regarding the testing of street tar as a result of the high surface strain showed by these materials.
(i) Preparation of test specimen: Soften the material to a pouring consistency at a temperature not more than 60°C for tars and 90°C for bitumen over the rough softening point and blend it completely until it is homogeneous and is free from air pockets and water. Empty the liquefy into the holder to a profundity no less than 10mm in abundance of the normal penetration. Shield the sample from tidy and permit it to cool in a climate at a temperature between 15° to 30° C for 60 minutes. At that point put it alongside the move dish in the water bath at 25° ± 0.1 °C, unless generally expressed.
(ii) Fill the exchange dish with water from the water bath to profundity adequate to cover the holder totally, put the sample in it and put it upon the remain of the penetration contraption.
(iii) Clean the needle with benzene, dry it and load with the weight. The aggregate moving burden required is 100 ± 0.25 gms, including the heaviness of the needle, transporter and super-forced weights.
(iv) Adjust the needle to reach the surface of the sample. This might be finished by setting the needlepoint in contact with its picture reflected by the surface of the bituminous material.
(i) Make the pointer of the dial to peruse zero or note the underlying dial perusing.
(ii) Release the needle for precisely five seconds.
(vi) Adjust the penetration machine to measure the separation infiltrated.
(vii)Make no less than 3 readings at focuses on the surface of the sample at least 10 mm separated and at least l0mm from the side of the dish. After every test give back the sample and exchange dish to the water bath and wash the needle clean with benzene and dry it. In the event of material of penetration more noteworthy than 225, three determinations on each of the two indistinguishable test specimens utilizing a different needle for every determination ought to be made, leaving the needle in the sample on finish of every determination to evade unsettling influence of the specimen.
(i) There ought to be no development of the compartment while needle infiltrates into sample.
(ii) The sample ought to be free from any unessential matter.
(iii)The needle ought to be cleaned with benzene and dried before penetration.




Group A





Sample A





Sample B

Sample A True Value Range 40/60


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