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How Static Jump Impacts On Vertical Jump Performance By Using Healthy Subjects (Lab Report Sample)


to determine how static jump impacts on vertical jump performance by using healthy subjects


The effects of static stretch on vertical jump have widely been researched on. In a bid to determine how static jump impacts on vertical jump performance by using healthy subjects, 12 participants between the age brackets of 18-25 years were selected. The participants were from the University of California. body mass index was one of the factors there were considered in selecting the subjects such that selection took place only among those who had a normal body mass index. A vertical jump test was used to assess the subjects on their performance of vertical jump with static stretch being provided for hamstrings and gluteus maximus. Assessment of the performance of the past jumps was made on the participants. Analysis of the values of pre and post stretch activities were statistically analyzed. A statistical significance was established between the jump performance values and post and pre-stretching. With the application of positive static stretching, an increase in the performance of vertical jump was noted. Therefore, a conclusion was made that the performance of vertical jump can be improved through passive static stretching in the performance of explosive actions.
Can stretch be of benefit to basketball players and athletes as they perform explosive activities? This question has widely been discussed since over the past few years, it has gained significance among the professionals in exercise activities on how to improve the performance of involved subjects. An explosive activity like the vertical jump is essential in athletes so that they can be able to improve their performance in diverse sports. Such players are always after activities that can improve their performance in order to an advantage over their opponents. This can mostly be seen in sports like volleyball, basketball, and football where an increase in vertical jump can be of advantage. Therefore, such players are always trying to find a way to achieve an increased vertical jump.
The dimensions are mostly employed in athletic circles as a means of measuring performance which makes those that have an advantage over the others brag so much about it. Mostly, vertical jump is widely measured in sports such as volleyball, football, football and basketball. However, during physical examinations, measuring of vertical jump ability is widely rampant in many sports. A number of professionals share believe that vertical jump performance is never affected by stretching activity and that a proper form of the player during the time of jump execution is what determines the performance of the individual.
According to Bazett Jones, the positive or negative performance of the athlete is not subject to static stretching. However, similar experiments have been conducted by other researchers (Knudson et al, 2000, p98). The impact that static stretch has on vertical jump performance.
Participants who involved students from the University of California were used in the analysis. 12 males between the ages 18-25 with an 18.5-25 value of standard body mass index were selected. Exclusion of those that had joint or bone disorders or bone injuries was done. Materials such as score sheet, weighing machine, chalk to make marks on the walls and measuring tape was used.
Inclusion criteria were used in the process of selecting the subjects. Assessment of the performance of vertical jump for the involved subjects was done. Results of two trials were recorded. The hamstrings and the Gluteus maximus were given passive static stretching. The stretching protocol consisted of 5 minutes of lead warm-up. Three maximal vertical jumps were performed, with a 30 seconds rest period between the jumps. Jump heights were then determined by a phone application. 3*30 second static stretches were performed on the Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings. The three maximal jumps were repeated after the stretch and the results recorded. Measurements of the vertical jumps of pre and post stretching were then analyzed statistically through the use of paired samples test.
Stretching Techniques
Gluteus Maximus Stretching
Stretching this muscle done by sitting on the floor while the tennis ball settles under the left buttock. Legs were then crossed and the weight of the left foot left to settle on the right knee. An outside left lean was then made. A tight spot was then found by rolling around a tennis ball. The spot was realized by its characteristics pain when it is reached. Resting on the sport for about 20-30 seconds was then done. The subjects Continued rolling as they used the tennis ball to blast the tight sports.
Hamstring Stretch
The subject stayed in a supine lying position. The patient then fully extended his knee while supporting the lower leg with his arm or shoulder. Stabilizing the opposite extremity of the thigh along each other was established through the use of the hand by getting assistance from another person. Flexing of the hip as far as possible was then done with knee having been placed at an extension of 0 degrees thus allowing the location of the knee to be neutral.
Vertical Jump Test
The experiment was conducted by making the subject stand straight against a wall and then stretching up to the highest height as the feet spread level on the ground, marking of the standing reach was then done. The subject was the sent away from the wall to go and do the jumping as high as he can with the use of both legs and arms which assist in upwards projection of the body as he attempts to reach and touch the highest point of the wall as he can. The difference in standing reach and the highest jump point was measured and then recorded in all the trials
Arithmetical Study
The experiment’s data was the analyzed statistically in order to come up with the most desirable observations and results before and after the stretch with the use of a paired “t” test to bring about equality in terms of the means obtained from the two observations.
Vertical jumps Mean sand standard deviations for pre and post stretching
The mean and standard deviation obtained from the vertical performance during pre-stretching activity was 34.25 and 0.5 respectively while the mean and standard deviation of post-performance were recorded as 35.4167 and 0.2 respectively. With the use of a paired “t” test, a comparison of the means jump performance was made. The values of p and t obtained from the experiment were 0 and -44.3 respectively
This study yielded statistically significant results. This means that the vertical jump increased with the application of passive static stretch. This indicates that static stretch is of the essence in the improvement of the performance of vertical jump in the process of being involved in explosive activities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball etc.
According to Palaniappan, Pasupatham, and Kalirathinam, a research conducted by Tom Evans yielded similar results with this study which indicated that static stretch is beneficial to the performance of vertical jump. The research also contradicts with a study carried out by WB which indicated that there are negative effects associated with static stretc...
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