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Health, Medicine, Nursing
Lab Report
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Hematocrit Lab Report Health, Medicine, Nursing Lab Report (Lab Report Sample)


Hematocrit Lab Report


Hematocrit Lab Report
Institutional Affiliation
Hematocrit Lab Report
* Summary of the experiment
* Description
A hematocrit test is a measure of the mass of RBC by comparing it to the total blood volume. In humans, the acceptable hematocrit levels are 40-54 % and 36-48% in men and women, respectively. The hematocrit results are dependent on the quality of the blood and thus are influenced by the volume of the plasma. Therefore, if an individual is profoundly dehydrated, the reading may appear higher than normovolemic. The values are determined by the use of a microhematocrit centrifugation process. Also, with the advancement of technology, automated cell counters are used. The microhematocrit centrifugation process requires manual readings. The automated cell counters give results by multiplying the volume of red cells by the mean cell volume (Van Leeuwen and Bladh, 2016). The tests are vital in determining whether an individual has red blood cell deficiency.
* Purpose of the experiment
The purpose of the experiment was to measure the hematocrit levels of patients A and B. The test was to determine whether patient B had anemia since they had muscle pain and chronic fatigue.
* Hypothesis

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