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Assessment 2.1 Tensile Testing Report Engineering Lab Report (Lab Report Sample)


Assessment 2.1 Tensile Testing Report


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Assessment 2.1 Tensile Testing Report
Tensile Test Lab Report
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This experiment was conducted so as compare the mechanical properties of aluminum and mild steel. The basics of the operation of a universal testing machine were also learned during this experiment. The Universal Testing Machine can be used to determine the tensile strengths of many engineering materials. The design of many engineering structures is based on the tensile properties of the materials used. The stress-strain relationship of various metals can be used to predict the characteristics of materials when subjected to different types of loadings.
From this experiment, it can be seen that mild steel has higher tensile and yield strength than aluminum. This fact explains the wide applications of mild steel in many constructions and other engineering applications that require high strength
Mechanical properties of materials are an essential factor in choosing material to be used in a certain task in engineering. Different mechanical properties exist, including strength, toughness, hardness, brittleness, malleability, fatigue, resilience, and tensile strength. A form of tension testing in materials can be referred to as tensile testing. This test involves applying controlled tension on a sample or a material until the material fully fails (Davis 1). Moreover, this test helps determine the strength of the material or the sample and how much it can be stretched before breaking. Tensile testing ensures force required to break a sample or a material is measured and the determination of extending the material’s elongation before the breakpoint is reached.
Tensile testing has major advantages. It gives manufacturers and designers data on new materials with properties hence an opportunity to use the materials or consider the material in the future. Moreover, the tensile testing gives a clue to the end-user on implementing specific material in different conditions hence avoiding flaws that may be dangerous to the manufacturer and the end-user. The tensile testing determines the engineering properties of materials, thus helping determine the correct implementation of the material (Stephens 383).


15 Mm/min

Zero Suspension

2 kN

Max Graph Dispersion

3 Unit x Axis

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