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Lab Report
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TRANSIENT RESPONSE OF A MOTOR. Engineering Lab Report (Lab Report Sample)


The task was to analyse the transient response of a motor and the sample was about a laboratory report examining the transient response of a dc motor


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
List of figures and tables
Figure 1: An illustration of transient response and steady-state characteristics of a system
Figure 2: Circuit and electrical wiring diagram
Table 1: Motor’s response with and without flywheel
Figure 3: Graphs obtained from the Digital Oscilloscope
Transient Response Characteristics of A DC Motor
1.0 Introduction
According to Say and Taylor, an electric motor serves as an electro-mechanical device that converts the input (electrical energy) to produce an output (rotational/mechanical energy). Its principle of operation lies in the interaction of various magnetic and electric fields. In this laboratory experiment, the transient response of the DC motor was examined when a step input was both applied and removed. A further analysis was taken to examine the effects of incorporating a flywheel on the behavior of the motor. Lastly, a graphical illustration of speed against time was obtained from the digital oscilloscope.
1.1 Objective
To obtain and understand the transient response characteristics of a DC motor with and without an inertial load.
1.2 Theory

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