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Energy transfer (Lab Report Sample)


Energy Experimental Procedure


Physics Lab Report: Energy Experimental Procedure
1 Measurement of Work done Raising a Mass
* We hung a mass from PASCO Force Probe, and then raised it for a measured distance of one meter while the computer was used to record the force. The mass was raised at a constant speed/velocity and the sample rate set at 40Hz
* The work we did to raise the mass was calculated using the measured force and distance values
* We kept the force sensor on a vertical position throughout. We also played with it by observing sensor alterations after it was titled
* Making sure that the sensor was reading zero when held vertically without any mass on it. The mass of the ball was calculated and also measured using a balance.
2. Energy Conversion as a Mass Falls
* We set the motion of the sensor and point down at around 60 cm above the table. The ball was released from 15cm from the sonic ranger and the position as well as velocity function of time recorded as the ball fell to the bench. The sample rate was set at 40Hz. It was ensured that the data studio graph display captured a good data set between two successive bounces.
* The position and the velocity vs. time statistics was transferred from data studio to excel to fill out the first three columns of the table. All the data points were chosen between two successive bounces, a complete U portion of the distance time graph. Six data points were also included before the first bounce and another six after the spring back. At each time, the values of height above the table, potential, and kinetic energy were calculated. The loss of total energy during the first and second bo

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