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MAT101 Case 4 Answer Template (Math Problem Sample)


Order # 00029340 It was a math problem which i was suppose to evaluate different calculation using different methods.


MAT101 Case 4 Answer Template Name: Date: Instructor: Use this template to insert your answers for the assignment. Please use one of the four methods for showing your work (EE, Math Type, ALT keys, or neatly typed). Remember that your work should be clear and legible. 1. What are the 3 methods for solving systems of equations? Which one do you prefer and why? Answer: _1.Graphing Method__2.Substitution Method_3.Elimination Method_________________________________________________ Preference/reason: _Substitution Method-Because one is able to solve one of the equations for one of the unknowns then substitute the result into the other equation hence getting the exact answers._______________________________________ 2. Describe a consistent system. Answer: _This is a system that has at least one solution. For example in a graph where two lines intercept and there is a clear solution hence called consistent system. These two lines have different slopes and different y-intercept. _____________________________________________________ 3. Describe an inconsistent system. Answer: _This is a system that has no solution. For instance two lines have same slope but different y-intercept. These lines in a graph are parallel and do not intercept hence no solution._____________________________________________________ 4. Describe a dependent system. Answer: _This is a system of two linear equation which has a one solution and this solution is exact. For example two lines in a graph that intercept and has exact point of intersection._____________________________________________________ Go to ‘insert’ and ‘shapes’. Choose the circles for the points and the lines to connect the dots. Use the arrows to represent the shading. For example:  Solve the following systems of equations using the graphing method. What type of system is it? Name the solution if there is one. 5.  QUOTE   - QUOTE   Calculations: Table for x+y=5 Table for –x+y=3 xy 0550 xy03-30 Answer: x=1 and y=4  Consistent independent system. 6.  QUOTE    Calculations: Table for 2x-2y=8 Table for x-y=4 xy 0-440 xy0-440 . Answer: Has more than one solution  Consitent dependent system. 7.  QUOTE    Calculations: Table for 3x-y=-2 Table for 3x-y=4 xy02-2/30 xy0-44/30 Answer: No solutions______________________________________________  In

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